Friday, July 07, 2006

Being the teacher...
I have a few minutes before I leave for the weekend to write! In a previous blog I wrote about me being a temp! Well, my time is up...kind of...I am training a lady for my position. It is kind of sad because I really like my job. She is really nice and easy to teach! It's a little different me teacher her, especially since she could be my mom...but she said that I'm a good teacher and they should just hire me to do what I'm doing and then let her do the other things that they need her to do! I AGREE! My boss is trying to figure out a way to keep me, but she said it's up to her boss! I believe it's up to my BOSS (GOD)! He will make a way for me to either have this job or He will find me something else that is even better!!! Well, it's time to go! Yeah, it's the weekend (for me anywayz)! We will have Jax tonight til Sunday! Nicole is taking swimming lessons so we don't get to see her this week! Love you all!!

Scripture for the day:
Ephesians 2:10