Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cale was blessed with a motorcylce! I think we are going to sell though b/c we have some things we need to take care of before we get another vehicle! So for now he's just having some fun before we sell it. I think my mom might buy it, so he will still get to ride it some!
These pix are from today when he was driving it around. Jaxon, of course, wanted to ride with him! I told him to HANG ON! He just wanted to sit there! When Cale took me around the yard, I kept saying,'Slow down!' and when Jax gets on there he just wants to sit & not hang on! Imagine that....NO FEAR...which is good is most cases! Well, I better make sure dinner isn't burning!

We had so much fun this Easter! The guys hide over 200 eggs & those 'lil kids found almost all of them! I'm so glad that we have family to do things with. God Bless!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Here are our new addition to the family. Cado & Abbie. Abbie is dark black all over with a lil tan on her & Cado is light black with more tan on him. I had been beggin Cale to let me had a puppie. He wasn't to fond of the idea, & then I said..."Do it for Jax" & the good 'ol "Didn't you like having a puppie when you were little?" He said, "My parents took care of the puppie when I was a kid, now I am the parent! So I had almost givin up when one of our patients came in & said that her dog had just had 10 german shepard puppies!! The last time her dog had puppies I begged Cale & he said NO! I told her I would ask & give her a call. I called Cale & he said he'd think about it. So when I got home & asked again & he finally gave in. He said he wanted a boy pup. I said that's not a compromise, b/c I wanted a girl & was the one that wanted a pup anyways. Then I suggested 2 pups. He wasn't sold yet, but I told him we could go look at them & then decide if we even liked them or not. So I called & set up a 'visit' time & when we got there all 10 pups were roaming around whining! Cado was the 1st puppie that Cale pick up & said, "I found mine." I couldn't decide, but new I wanted a girl so I asked the lady & she had to find one. Out of the 10 pups there were 7 boys & 3 girls! She handed me Abbie & I looked at Cale & said, 'PLEASE?' He agreed & the rest is history! We brought them home & the first 2 weeks they stayed in the house with us, but it became quite a chore keeping them barricadad in the kitchen. So I got a 'pop up' kennel & keep them in that in the house, but it was just becoming to much! So I prayed & put them outside & they love it! We still put them in the kennel at night, but during the day they play outside. I have to say it is nice to have my house back to normal.

Cale's B-Day Party!

Some of you didn't get to make his party this year so I thought I'd share these with you! Hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


We, the youth leaders, took our youth to the Winter Jam Concert! We got to see Mercy Me, Mandisa, Barlowgirl, Skillet, & Newsong. It was fun, but would of been a lot more fun if we had been a bit closer...we were in the very top of the autitorium. We might of been able to find better seats, but we had 11 youth along with 4 youth leaders! It was good, but I didn't get very good pix of course b/c of where we were sitting!

Then the very next weekend we went to Albany, TX to see the Newsboys!!! It was suppose to be Jax's suprise, but it was the most fun I have every had at a concert! The first band was 'Article One' & they were really good! They had an awesome Violin player, who was actually the main singers' brother. The next band was 'Newworldson' & they were like soul singers & sang about the holy spirit & played the harmonica! The third band was 'Rush of Fools' who sing 'Undo' & alot of good worship songs & of course 'Newsboys' came out last & did a wonderful performance! We were so close we could of touched them! I liked all the bands, but I have to say Newsboys was the neatest! They did the coolest things & it was awesome b/c it they worshiped God in it all! We are thinking about taking our youth to see them when they come to Wichita Falls! It was so good that I want to go again! Jax also got to take a pix with Article One, Rush of Fools, & Newsboys' main singer! We got to talk to each on of them & I think that was another reason I really enjoyed myself! Well, I am going to get off here for now! Love you all!

Here are some pix from the Newsboys Concert...