Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Christmas I had some hats made for some of the kids in our family! I started out just searching for my neice and ended up have several made! Cale even got me two for my bday! The girl that made them is super nice and you all should go look at her website! She does an awesome job! THANKS JYL! Love ya girl! Here's the


The girls love their hats

Cale got me a hat too!

And another one...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

~Christmas Parade~

We had a float in our parade this year and it won 3rd place out of like 200 cars/floats (that's how many we heard were in it this year anyways)! Here's some pix from then!

Sophie-1st Christmas do!

Isn't she cute! I thought the lady did soooo good!

Front view

Side view (the bandana has candy canes and peppermints on it)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thank God and the Angels
Well tonight I am extra thankful for God and his angles! My g-ma's b-day is today so we went to her house for cake and ice cream. I got off late so I told Cale to bring Sophie to play with my g-ma's dog Brittney. Sophie gets extra excited when she has a playmate, or when we go anywhere really! My aunt has a 3 month old baby and so all night I'm making sure that she stays away from the baby and basically just keeping up with her like a kid, except it's a little more difficult b/c she's a small dog and goes everywhere FAST! So we have a great time at the party and then it's time to depart! My aunt and uncle are getting their stuff together and head out. About that time my sis says, "Oh we are parked behind them" and opens the door for a few seconds. I think nothing of the people going in and out b/c she knows not to go out the home...Sophie darts out the door!!! They say "oh no Sophie just went outside!" I hear it, but it doesn't register for a few seconds and I say "OH CALE" and we dart out the door! My g-ma lives in town and it's not a very busy road, but it's DARK! I see her just dart around the un-fenced yard and then across the road she goes! I am still in shock at this point and am just like "what's going on here?" We go across the road and we hear other dogs barking and it's kind of a small field then the next block over has yards, with other dogs! Cale says "you better start praying" and heads behind a shed....again, I'm still just in shock trying to figure out what exactly happened, but say, "God bring her back" and kind of just stand there helpless! About 30 seconds goes by and here comes Cale with Sophie in his arms! Whew, what a relief! I said, "Sophie you bout made mommy's heart jump into her throat" while I hugged my sweet lil Soph! Now, I know what you're thinking, "mommy?" but really she's like my other kid! Even though she's a dog, she's my friend! She's always here when I need a sweet lil doggie hug! I was sooooooooo happy God brought her back to me, in the dark, around other big dogs! I send my angels out everyday to help me and they were 'shooing' her back to me! PRAISE GOD! He knows she's important to me and loves me so much that he took care of it!