Friday, March 31, 2006

~Our 1st Practice~
I didn't get to write yesterday b/c there was a storm that came thru and it had hail and a possible tornado! It just rained really hard! I think the news said that they saw a tornado forming but it didn't touch down! Praise God! My boss said to go home b/c he thought it was going to get really bad, but I was at work when the storm came and I went thru it here! So really I could of stayed but oh well! I went to my mema's and visited with her until my honnie got home!
As most of you know my sister and I are called to sing, and for a few months we have stepped out and are doing specials at church. It has been quite an experience! We sang when we were little and it was no big deal, but now we are older and fear tries to come! We just pray and the fear goes! Hallelujah! Anywayz we sing again on the 19th and God gave me a song but I wanted to have our band do it. Lets back up....yeah we have a's me, my sis, her boyfriend, and a guy from the youth group...Dave (Lauren's Bo) plays the guitar, and Lee (boy from youth) plays the drums, and as you already know Lauren and I sing! I wanted to do a different version of Mercy Me's "I can only Imagine." I have a CD that has it on there from when I went to Acquire The Fire years ago! So I asked our band if we could get together and work on it. They said yah, so last night was our 1st practice. Well, the song originally has a guy and girl singing but my sis and I figured that we could do it so we tried and it just wasn't working out. Our drummer can sing so he tried and said it was to hard to sing and play without looking! My sweet husband was there helping us with the cd and the sound system, so I asked if he wanted to try it. He did and it sounded great! So now he's doing that song with us! I can't wait! It's going to be awesome! The practice went AWESOME too! The guys had only heard it a few times and they really did good! It is just falling into place! GOD is so GOOD! After practice Cale and I had to go to my mom's for a few minutes and then went home and went to bed! We got a good night's rest! Today is going great and I'm glad it's Friday! That's all for now! Love ya'll!

How would you act if you had what you prayed for?
Mark 11:23-24

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

God is Awesome!
Last night was great! As most of you know Cale and I attend The Christian Center. I love my church and God is doing awesome things there! Last month we had a Faith Conference and had 7 different speakers! They were Mark Hankins, Leroy Thompson, Billy Joe Daugherty, Creflo Dollar, Kate McVeigh, Charles Capps, and Jerry Savelle. Every night was awesome! They all had a great revelation from God and I was blessed to be apart of it! This month (Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th) we had a Faith Seminar with Keith Moore and Jesse Duplantis! These two nights have also been a blessing to be apart of! I'm so glad that God has brought us to this church to be blessed and to be a blessing! Praise God!
Well, our puppies are 5 weeks old and if anyone wants one then let me know! We are keeping one of the boy puppies, but there is a girl, and two boys that we can give away. We will miss them but we can't keep 5 dogs! I am praying they will go to a good Christian home! That probably sounds crazy but they are like my babies and I want them taken care of!
Well, that's all for today! Have a Blessed Day!

You may be the only Bible someone sees....are you being the light of the world?
Matthew 5:14

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Want a Horse...
Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Cale and I did! Friday Cale and I stayed home to spend time together and watch a movie! It's not very often we get to just be with each other! We're so busy! It was fun!
Saturday Cale said he had a surprise for me! Yeah! I love surprises! Well, he had planned to take me horse back riding, but when we got there all the horses were ready to go so we had to come back the next day at 2 p.m. It was a great idea, he just didn't make an appointment! So we planned to come back the next day and we went home to clean out the bedroom! I think every box was mine! Cale didn't have much to do b/c being a guy he just wanted to throw things away w/o me seeing what it was! So he fixed dinner and I went thru boxes! We got it cleaned out for the most part!
Sunday we went to church and had a great Word and it was late when church got out! I was hungry and we had an hour to go home fix something change clothes and get there (which is by Duncan Lake). Cale just wanted to go from church and then eat later! I objected and we had a little spat and he said he'd get me something to eat! ;-) So we get there and I'm a little nervous b/c it had been a few years since I'd rode, and almost every time I ride something happens! Like one time my horse sat down with me on him and I jumped off before he rolled over! Then another time when I was little my cousin didn't know what he was doing and kicked the horse hard w/ us on his back and he dropped the reins! I don't remember how we got off but we lived! I keep getting on but something usually happens! Anyways the man put me on the horse 1st! Yikes! I don't like just sitting there on a horse I want to be moving! I don't why, I just don't like it! Well, it seemed like an hour went by and finally we get moving! I get to go behind the leader! Then Cale goes behind me..and so on! We get to go on the trail for a little over an hour and on our way back the lead horse (which usually doesn't lead and doesn't like it might I add) gets spooked and jumps which is like a chain reaction! Praise the Lord I semi know what I'm doing and don't panic and just hold on to the reins and everything is ok! Praise God! We had lots of fun and I'm a little sore but I'd do it again! After we rode I looked at Cale and said..."I want a horse!" He just laughed! I will have a horse one day! I just know it! YEAH! Well, that's all for today! I love you all!

Love not expecting anything in return!
Ephesians 3:17

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Almost Friday
I'm so glad that Friday is tomorrow! Yeah! I don't know what me and my sweetie are going to do but probably rest and work around the house! We are going to start working on our bedroom soon and hopefully get it cleaned out so we can start the fun stuff...REMODELING! I'm so excited! It's 400 sq. ft and we are planning to put a walk in closet and a bathroom! Cale wants a small bathroom but I want to go all out! I want to put my vanity in there and have the vanity lights and two sinks! That way we have our own stuff! I don't know if he'll go for it though! He always says..."Where are we going to put our bed?" LOL! I know it will work out and God will give us ideas to do what we want!
Well, that's all for today! Love you all!

Is there enough evidence that you are a Christian?
If you are on trail would they have enough evedence to convict you?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cabins...Here We Come
As most of you know Cale and I are about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and we are trying to figure our what we are going to do! We talked about going to stay at a cabin and so now we have to find one! It so much fun! I look at some and they are so beautiful! I think we have narrowed it down to one! You can look at it at and it's the Hefner Hideaway and Cale talked the guy down to a cheaper price! YEAH! If anyone knows of a better deal or have some ideas let me know! I'm open to ideas! I can't wait to go! I've been tanning and working out so I'll be slim and tan for our 1 year and hopefully for the rest of my life! I just had to get back into a routine! I'll go for now! Love you all!

There are 3 types of Christians:
1) Jaw Bone - talk NO action
2) Wish Bone - I WISH someone would witness
3) Backbone - talk AND action

Which one are YOU?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

~A Great Weekend~
Well, I had a great weekend! We had Jaxon and Nicole and they had lots of fun! Friday we went to church and we did praise and worship and Nicole jumps to the fast songs and Jaxon dances! He says it's his "Power Ranger Dance!" It's hilarious! He gets to moving and I can't help but laugh!
Cale had to work a little bit on Saturday so the kids woke me up and I started my day off with some aerobics like every morning! The kids were playing and came in the living room to see what I was doing! They looked at me like I was crazy and I told them to do it with me! It was a sight to see them trying to do Tae-Bo with me! Jaxon gave up and did his "Power Ranger Dance" and Nicole tried to do it with me! Then the guy that instructs it said.."You're doing a great job" and Jax looked at me and said with a big smile on his face, "He said I'm doing a good job!" The kids think that people can see them through the screen b/c they can see them! They are so silly! When Cale got home we played Hungry Hungry Hippos and they thought that was so fun! It's funny to see my kids having fun with the same games that my sister and I had fun playing! It brings back memories!
Sunday was great too! We went to church and during praise and worship Jaxon did his "dance" and Nicole jumped and they enjoyed themselves! We had a great Word and then went home and played Bible Dominos with the kids! We had lots of fun this weekend and I know that we have lots more to come! Love you all!

Scripture for the day: Mark 8:34-37
Encouraging Word: Don't Quit!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Hello everyone! I'm so glad I figured out how to do's so Neat! I want to start off by saying, Happy Birthday to my best friend Trina! Love ya girly!
Yesterday I finally got to go tanning! Yah! My sister and I went and my buns and back are a little tender! I'm going to go 2x a week so I can be tan for me and my honnies 1 year anniversary! YEAH! It's already been a year! flew! I'm so glad that God put us together! Yah, we've had our ups and downs, but who hasn't??!! I just have to remind myself when a trial comes that, "love is not a feeling, it's a commitment!" I know we couldn't of made it this far without God, our church family, and our family to always encourage and help us out! Cale is definatly my match, but it doesn't mean there wont be problems! We just have to give it to God and let him work it out!
Well, I'm going to leave you with this scripture...Ephesians 2:10. God has brought this scripture to my attention lately and maybe it will help you too! Love you all! God Bless!