Sunday, February 28, 2010

I forgot all about my bday pix! I put them on facebook, but I'll post a few on here too! I forget to put stuff on here b/c I have facebook...I'll do better Jen!

See Sophie on the side? Isn't that the prettiest cake you ever saw?! I loved to watch the Wizard Of Oz when I was little so here's my cake!

Cale & I

Luke, Lauren, Me, & Mom

Me, Dad, Lauren, & Nicole

Cale's Bday
For Cale's bday we went to a Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse where they cook in front of you! I had been there right before we married in '05 and thought it was the neatest thing! Cale had never been so we went with my sis and BIL and had a great time!

Then we had 'the family' party at a local Chinese restaurant. Here we are in our family photo!

Cale plays games on his phone and so I had my aunt make his cake a blackberry curve with Texas Hold 'Em on the screen...he had no idea what it would be!

His mommy & Duane got him an Oregon Ducks hat which he had been wanting..(wonder who told them that's what he wanted?!)

He had a great bday party and I want to thank you all for making it so special! Love you honey!
~New Addition~

We got a new dog named Miley! She's a yellow Lab and VERY playful! We thought it would keep our Abbie home, but so far she is still wondering around! And of course I couldn't leave our Sophie out, so here's a pic of her on V-day! What can I say...we love our dogs!

Miley Faith

Abbie Joy

Abbie Joy & Miley Faith

Sophie Grace