Friday, July 24, 2009

Jones Family Fun!

We have picked Tues for our 'family night'. This last Tues we went and played putt putt! We had lots of fun! Cale was merciful to me and Jax b/c we weren't very good at it! LOL!
Cale showing Jax how to hit the ball

Jax about to hit the ball

I always take the pix, so I had Cale take one of me!

This pic is especially funny b/c when my sis was little she did this same thing!

Monday, July 06, 2009

I thought this pic was neat of the fireworks!

Me, MY hubby, and Sophie

Dave & Lauren

Daniel & Luke

Lea, Jules, Linz, Lauren, & Mom
These are our 4th of July pix. The reason we aren't all patriotic is b/c it rained on Sat so they did them on Sun instead...I did wear red, white & blue on Sat though!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Jax just LOVES Sophie


Me & Sophie

Her waitin for Cale to get back in the car...she just wines when one of us don't take her with us!

Her shirt says 'Lil Miss Bow Wow! She'll wear it tomorrow!

We just think she's the cutes lil pup!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

PRAISE THE LORD! (as done by Kate McVeigh)

Well, I have a few things to praise the Lord about! For one, I am so excited to be a Christan! God is sooooooooooo good to us!
For starters I got to teach our youth one Sunday morning about intercessory prayer and share what God laid on my heart. I explained to them that when someone comes to mind that we should pray for them. Then I told them a story that happened a few yrs ago...
One morning I heard a name of one of my old bf's. I thought it was weird, but I prayed a short prayer and then felt the urge to call my mom and have her pray too. So I did. Two weeks later my mom runs in to his mom (they don't live in the same town as us so that was God too) and they talk for a min and then his mom says, 'Did you hear what happened to Timothy'...and goes on to say that two weeks ago he was on some land doing a controlled fire when his fourwheeler flipped and he got pinned underneath. He was by himself and the fire was coming his way! He was yelling for help and all of a sudden someone gets him out! My mom immediately called me and told me the story! I was so grateful God used me to pray that very moment! I also shared with them that a few days ago a girl I went to school with came to my mind. I haven't seen or heard from her since 4th grade! I told them that I prayed and was expecting to hear something about her soon! When I said that I thought...huh? I didn't know I was expecting to hear anything, but hey I will now! Well, two days later a girl walks in to my work. She has the same last name, and the same eyes my friend does...I think, okay do I ask if she's related or not?...Guess what?! It's her sister! I got her email, and myspace info! I emailed her the other day and can't wait to hear back from her! WOW! I teach on Sunday and I get to tell them all about it!
Then, about three weeks ago our internet modem broke! We had to wait til we got paid to get it fixed, b/c with insurance it was going to be $50...well pay day comes and we decided not to and pay something else. So here we are with no net and we can't break the contract or it'd be $200! So, today Cale goes to the phone place to ask a few questions and the lady I talked to asked Cale if we'd done anything about our net. He said no and she said, well there has been a lot of people call in about this modem so the company recalled it and if you bring your modem in then we will replace it FREE!!!! OMG! I was soooooooooooo excited about that! So now we have internet and guess's an upgrade too so it's even better....and FREE!!! Did I mention FREE! :-) Praise GOD! Well, I'm going to go spend some much needed time with my hunnie! Bye for now!

P.S. You would just have to hear how Kate McVeigh says. Praise The Lord! She has a story about it and everytime I hear 'PTL' I hear her say it! LOL!