Friday, April 11, 2008

~Time with the Family~

We all decided after the last week we had to go spend the weekend with my brother!!

Last Thursday (April 3rd) we had a scare. My mom called me at work & said, "Lindsay, be praying, because your brother just got attacked by a dog!" It was after 5pm & we were just finishing up, so I told the girls & they said to leave! My work is a block from the hospital & Cale & Jax had come to get me for dinner, but when I told Cale what had happened we went straight to the ER.

This is the story: My brother has a friend that moved away & then came back to live here with his grandma until his parents got to move here in the summer. Luke, my lil bro, had went over to play with him after school. They have a pit bull & Luke said it was tied up. The grandma's deaf daughter came over throwing a fit & screaming & about that time, my brother was coming outside to return a soccer ball to the neighbors. When he opened the door the pit bull jumped on him & knocked him down on the ground. Luke said all he remembers is that the grandpa had to pull the dog off him & when he opened his eyes the dog was growling at him & Luke thought he'd busted his lip. He got up & they realized what had happened! The grandma called my mom & said,'Tammy, there has been an accident, I'm sorry, the dog attacked, I'll meet you at the ER.

When they got there my brother was crying (OF COURSE!). We looked at him & the dog had bit the middle of his bottom lip off! I was trying to calm my brother down, while my mom is telling the grandma that the dog is going to be put down! The grandma said, 'No it wasn't the dog, Luke tripped over the dog cord & bit his lip, but that's not what she said on the phone! You can just imagine how upset we were then! I told my mom to calm down & just focus on Luke right now...the dog we will deal with later! They took him back & the doctor said it was defiantly a dog bite! The police were called & to make a longer story short they pretty much said that they didn't have to put the dog down, but instead had to lock the dog up at the vet for a week! The police did however put it in the police report that it was a dog bite! When the policeman told the grandma she said,"Can we get a second opinion?" Can you believe it...the nerve...a second opinion??!!! She wasn't even concerned about my 9yr old brother with no lip! Instead she wanted a second opinion for her dog!!!! Not a human, a dog! GRRRR!!!! She had told Luke on the way over to not tell the ER that it was pit bull!!!! To late, my mom already did!!! Meanwhile, the doctor said they really couldn't do anything for him other than give him some morphine for the pain & send him to Children's Hospital in OKC to do reconstructive surgery! My brother, needless to say, was terrified! He was shaking all over! So I told him I would pray for him. I prayed for peace, prayed in the spirit, & told him to receive it....he then stopped shaking & was more calm then. Praise God!

About 2 1/2 hours later the husband (of the grandma) came in the ER & said, 'I found his lip!' He was actually really nice. He was very apologetic, & said he prayed & asked God where the lip was & look down & there it was! About 30 mins later Luke came out & a friend from church, mom, Luke, my grandma & grandpa, & Luke's grandma were heading to the city. I told my mom she should be thanking God, because that dog could of killed Luke. He had a bruise & swelling on his cheek, a scratch below his lip, & then where the dog had bit his lip off. It was bad, but could of been so much worse!

The OKC doctor was very thankful that they had found the lip! He said that if the lip wasn't found the would of had to try to pull the skin up from below & work with that! We are so thankful to God, the angels, & our church fam for praying & all the support they have showed for this last week! Luke went to OKC for a checkup & they said it looked better than they expected! We prayed, & we believe he is going to have complete restoration to his lip & we will have justice concerning the dog!

On my way to my mom's I was listening to my Point of Grace cd & there is a song called, "He is Good" I just cried & thanked God again for taking care of my brother! I know that we have protecting from above & I can't express how thankful I am for that! Well, I better get off here. It's getting late & I think Cale & I are going to watch movie! Love you all!