Thursday, February 01, 2007

January has come and gone...

Well, a great deal has happened sine the last time I wrote! For starters, I had a great Birthday! My mom got me a beautiful bed set! It's palm tree! Who would of known! I had my party at my most favorite restaurant and all our family came and had a great time!

Christmas was great too! We had a 4 day Christmas with all of our family! We at a lot of yummy food and got lots of neat stuff! We even got Jesus a birthday cake so the kids could sing 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus! That was fun!

The end of December we had told Jax we were going to painted his room and one week while he was at his mom's house we painted his room green and put up really neat wall stickers of the movie 'Cars' on it and got him a 'Cars' bed set! When he came home we said...'go to your room and play' he walked in (we were watching from behind) and he said...'Hey, I like it!' He was so excited!

On Jan. 17 I finally got my wisdom teeth out! I had 2 cut and 2 pulled! I told Cale to have them knock me out! He said, 'Of course' LOL! He's so funny! Anyways it went good! Of course it hurt, and I did some funny things, but over all it turned out ok! Next year I can get braces! I'm excited! Well, I better go for now! Love you all!!