Friday, August 25, 2006

The Whole Family??!!
The last blog I wrote I talked about the mice we had in our house. Since that blog the whole mouse 'family' has been caught! 5 in all! I do hope that is all of them! We are also working on our spare 'fixer upper' master bed room! My hunny found 3 black widow spiders in there and then an egg sack! He (being as cool as he is...) puts the egg sack in a jar and wants to keep them and see how many 'babies' there are!! If that's not bad enough, guess who gave him this 'brilliant' idea! You'll never guess....our Pastor!! Needless to say I had a little 'chat' with our Pastor and told him next time I'm sending MY 'brilliant' husband to his house!!! LOL! He (Pastor) just laughed!

Nothing much has been going on. I am looking into another job...not the company where I'm at now, but a Doctor's office! I know the people and think it would be good for me...not only that, but it will be permanent and not temporary like I've been doing for months now! I'm going to meet the people I'd be working with today and I'll keep you posted on my decision! I better get back to work! Much love!

Word of the Day: God has a plan for you!
Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11

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