Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Four More Days!!!
I have 4 more days until I start my new job! I'm excited. I can't wait to not be a temp anymore! I don't really mind being a temp if I was busy ALL the time! I'm so bored today... I'm also hungry! We are having a 'food' day on Thursday here and I looked up some recipes to get some ideas on what to bring and that made me hungry and I 30 mins before I take my lunch...ugh! Tomorrow I get to go to lunch with the ladies I used to work with and then on Friday my co-workers here are taking me out also! Yum! 3 days of yummy food...I feel special!!! I can't wait! Well, I hope to get a computer soon so I can continue to write on here, because I don't think I'll have time at my new job... Love ya'll!

Encouraging Word: We can live in PEACE!
2 Timothy 1:17

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