Saturday, March 31, 2007

~Spring Break~

We went to see Cale's brother and family and had lots of fun!

When we got into town we went to our hotel! The hotel was really neat. It had a water park on the bottom floor for the kids to play in! The kids had lots of fun!! They didn't want to leave!

The next night we went to The Incredible Pizza Place with our son and he had fun...I think Cale had more fun than we did...he's a big kid! LOL!! Then we went to an aquarium and the fish were really neat! The kids liked the sharks the best! It had a tunnel that you can walk through and the sharks swim over you! Kind of freaky!!

The last day we were there we went to Safari Zoo and the animals were so neat! They have animals that you can feed and pet! They had really pretty tigers and bears and my favorite were the monkeys! The monkey was so funny! They had a PVC pipe that you could put animal crackers down and the monkey would catch them at the bottom. There was a sign by the pipe that said not to put your mouth on the other end of the pipe because it would make the monkey mad. Cale thought he'd be funny and he put his mouth by the pipe and said 'hello'. The monkey freaked out and grabbed the other end of the pipe and pushed it up so that it would hit the person on the end of it! Thank God that he protect people that don't listen!!!! Cale was able to let go of the other end before the monkey could hit him with it! It was very funny though!!

We went back to Cale's brother's house and got our stuff and had to head out!! We were tired the next few days! Well, I better go for now! Have a blessed week! Lots of Love!!

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