Friday, March 21, 2008

Here are our new addition to the family. Cado & Abbie. Abbie is dark black all over with a lil tan on her & Cado is light black with more tan on him. I had been beggin Cale to let me had a puppie. He wasn't to fond of the idea, & then I said..."Do it for Jax" & the good 'ol "Didn't you like having a puppie when you were little?" He said, "My parents took care of the puppie when I was a kid, now I am the parent! So I had almost givin up when one of our patients came in & said that her dog had just had 10 german shepard puppies!! The last time her dog had puppies I begged Cale & he said NO! I told her I would ask & give her a call. I called Cale & he said he'd think about it. So when I got home & asked again & he finally gave in. He said he wanted a boy pup. I said that's not a compromise, b/c I wanted a girl & was the one that wanted a pup anyways. Then I suggested 2 pups. He wasn't sold yet, but I told him we could go look at them & then decide if we even liked them or not. So I called & set up a 'visit' time & when we got there all 10 pups were roaming around whining! Cado was the 1st puppie that Cale pick up & said, "I found mine." I couldn't decide, but new I wanted a girl so I asked the lady & she had to find one. Out of the 10 pups there were 7 boys & 3 girls! She handed me Abbie & I looked at Cale & said, 'PLEASE?' He agreed & the rest is history! We brought them home & the first 2 weeks they stayed in the house with us, but it became quite a chore keeping them barricadad in the kitchen. So I got a 'pop up' kennel & keep them in that in the house, but it was just becoming to much! So I prayed & put them outside & they love it! We still put them in the kennel at night, but during the day they play outside. I have to say it is nice to have my house back to normal.


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