Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sophie's 1st Hair do!

I took her yesterday to get her 1st haircut. The lady gave her a bath, trimmed around her eyes, ears, feet, filed her nails, and just trimmed under her belly for only $16! She even put a bow in her hair! It's day 2 and it's still in...all though she has tried to get it out...we'll see how long it lasts! I am going to try and keep one in though so she gets used to it and b/c it's cute and it keeps the hair out of her eyes!
She is standing on the back of our chair. It's perfect height for us to pet her when we stand behind it and that's the only way (for now) for me to brush her hair without her trying to eat the brush! I just have to remember she's only 6 months old! Now's the time to get her fix and maybe that will calm her down a bit?! Cale wants to breed her, but I don't think we will! She's to little I think! Well we are going to the city today so I better get of here so I can get ready!

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Jen said...

OH MY GOSH she looks SOOOOO Cute!!! Now I want to go get Kinley groomed!