Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shopping, Shopping!!!

I am having a great day! First off, the lady's at work got me a cake and a $50 gift card to Goody's for my b-day! How exciting! I can't wait to use it!! I also get to go shopping with my mom this week sometime and get some b-day stuff!! My mom took me for my b-day to get my hair cut and I really like it! I was planning to grow it out, but you know how that goes....I was there with mom getting her's cut so I had to also!! Also, today is like Friday for me!!! We are off the rest of the week because the Doctor I work for loves going hunting so the rest of the week we are closed! I'll hopefully get most, if not all, of my Christmas shopping done this week!!! I don't have very many more to go! I hope to also get my son's room clean this week...it's a mess! I am going through his clothes that don't fit anymore and toys that he doesn't even know exist and we are going to show him what Christmas is really about...giving! He thinks it's a good idea. We also explained to him that you reap what you sow...and I think the 'reaping' part is what he likes best...but he's only 4 yrs, so I guess if I was 4 yrs I would think like that too! LOL! Well, my lunch is over so I better get going! Love you all!!!

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