Thursday, March 19, 2009


Its 12:50 a.m. and I decided that was worth blogging about!
My dog, Abbie, (a German Shepard) is little over a year old and she is very playful! Tonight, we left for church about 6:30 p.m. this evening and after church we visited till about 11pm. We drive up and are walking to our house when we notice Abbie didn't greet us at the car like she usually fact she is no where to be found! So we,Cale, Jax, and I, all call her name & whistle and still she's not coming. Just about that time Cale says 'she's in the house!' We were gone about 5 hrs with her locked in the house!!!! My heart sank as I walked in the door....all the while thinking the worse!! Surprisingly she only did minor damage...considering how long she was in the house she did very well! Really God watch out for Cale, me, and Abbie!!! LOL! I didn't have to hurt anyone!! She didn't tear up anything valuable. Part of Cale shoe and mostly trash from the trash can was all that she'd gotten in to!
This is what must have happened...when Cale went to get in the car for church he left the door wide open. I am usually a ways behind him and so she must have came in and was very quiet b/c I didn't notice a huge dog in my living room! She must have laid down in her usual spot and I didn't even see her. Which is amazing b/c it’s in plain sight!!! Thank God he watches out for Cale....he could have been in BIG trouble!!!! LOL! Needless to say Cale got to pick up the mess while I was in the shower since he was the one that caused the whole thing! All Jax could say when he came in the house is..."mom is going to be real mad!" LOL! He's so silly! Here is my Abbie…

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