Wednesday, March 29, 2006

God is Awesome!
Last night was great! As most of you know Cale and I attend The Christian Center. I love my church and God is doing awesome things there! Last month we had a Faith Conference and had 7 different speakers! They were Mark Hankins, Leroy Thompson, Billy Joe Daugherty, Creflo Dollar, Kate McVeigh, Charles Capps, and Jerry Savelle. Every night was awesome! They all had a great revelation from God and I was blessed to be apart of it! This month (Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th) we had a Faith Seminar with Keith Moore and Jesse Duplantis! These two nights have also been a blessing to be apart of! I'm so glad that God has brought us to this church to be blessed and to be a blessing! Praise God!
Well, our puppies are 5 weeks old and if anyone wants one then let me know! We are keeping one of the boy puppies, but there is a girl, and two boys that we can give away. We will miss them but we can't keep 5 dogs! I am praying they will go to a good Christian home! That probably sounds crazy but they are like my babies and I want them taken care of!
Well, that's all for today! Have a Blessed Day!

You may be the only Bible someone sees....are you being the light of the world?
Matthew 5:14

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M, J, B, G...and Sam. said...

Wow, makes me wish we still went to church there! We will get to see Jerry Saville at our church tonight that will be cool! Now if I can just get Matt to come with me......! (he always wants to--he's just tired from work). Anyway, tell Cale thanks for the sweet comment on my website! We sure love and miss you guys! I hope God brings us closer to one another someday so we can spend a lot more time together! Luv ya! Jen