Tuesday, March 21, 2006

~A Great Weekend~
Well, I had a great weekend! We had Jaxon and Nicole and they had lots of fun! Friday we went to church and we did praise and worship and Nicole jumps to the fast songs and Jaxon dances! He says it's his "Power Ranger Dance!" It's hilarious! He gets to moving and I can't help but laugh!
Cale had to work a little bit on Saturday so the kids woke me up and I started my day off with some aerobics like every morning! The kids were playing and came in the living room to see what I was doing! They looked at me like I was crazy and I told them to do it with me! It was a sight to see them trying to do Tae-Bo with me! Jaxon gave up and did his "Power Ranger Dance" and Nicole tried to do it with me! Then the guy that instructs it said.."You're doing a great job" and Jax looked at me and said with a big smile on his face, "He said I'm doing a good job!" The kids think that people can see them through the screen b/c they can see them! They are so silly! When Cale got home we played Hungry Hungry Hippos and they thought that was so fun! It's funny to see my kids having fun with the same games that my sister and I had fun playing! It brings back memories!
Sunday was great too! We went to church and during praise and worship Jaxon did his "dance" and Nicole jumped and they enjoyed themselves! We had a great Word and then went home and played Bible Dominos with the kids! We had lots of fun this weekend and I know that we have lots more to come! Love you all!

Scripture for the day: Mark 8:34-37
Encouraging Word: Don't Quit!

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Trina said...

Hey Gal,

So glad to hear you had a good weekend, although I knew you did. The kids ARE SO CUTE at church. I just want to steal Nicole and take her home.. would you care LOL?

Well I hope you are having a great week. Love and Miss ya, Trina