Friday, March 31, 2006

~Our 1st Practice~
I didn't get to write yesterday b/c there was a storm that came thru and it had hail and a possible tornado! It just rained really hard! I think the news said that they saw a tornado forming but it didn't touch down! Praise God! My boss said to go home b/c he thought it was going to get really bad, but I was at work when the storm came and I went thru it here! So really I could of stayed but oh well! I went to my mema's and visited with her until my honnie got home!
As most of you know my sister and I are called to sing, and for a few months we have stepped out and are doing specials at church. It has been quite an experience! We sang when we were little and it was no big deal, but now we are older and fear tries to come! We just pray and the fear goes! Hallelujah! Anywayz we sing again on the 19th and God gave me a song but I wanted to have our band do it. Lets back up....yeah we have a's me, my sis, her boyfriend, and a guy from the youth group...Dave (Lauren's Bo) plays the guitar, and Lee (boy from youth) plays the drums, and as you already know Lauren and I sing! I wanted to do a different version of Mercy Me's "I can only Imagine." I have a CD that has it on there from when I went to Acquire The Fire years ago! So I asked our band if we could get together and work on it. They said yah, so last night was our 1st practice. Well, the song originally has a guy and girl singing but my sis and I figured that we could do it so we tried and it just wasn't working out. Our drummer can sing so he tried and said it was to hard to sing and play without looking! My sweet husband was there helping us with the cd and the sound system, so I asked if he wanted to try it. He did and it sounded great! So now he's doing that song with us! I can't wait! It's going to be awesome! The practice went AWESOME too! The guys had only heard it a few times and they really did good! It is just falling into place! GOD is so GOOD! After practice Cale and I had to go to my mom's for a few minutes and then went home and went to bed! We got a good night's rest! Today is going great and I'm glad it's Friday! That's all for now! Love ya'll!

How would you act if you had what you prayed for?
Mark 11:23-24


Trina said...


So glad you are going to sing a song w/Cale. I believe that God had that planned- and I know this because I thought of it Friday! That's so funny that I said that and now you two are singing together. It will be great with all of you together, can't wait to hear it.

Love ya, Trin

M, J, B, G...and Sam. said...

Hey, wish we could be there for it! I don't guess I've ever heard you sing... Maybe someone will record the song when ya'll do it so we can hear...??? Glad you guys didn't get too much "storm." We didn't hardly anything here other than a few sprinkles. Then here we are today...laying out and playing in the sprinkler!! How crazy! That's this silly state for ya! Well, hope you guys have a great weekend! Luv ya!